Tips to Help You Live One Pampered Life

onepamperedlifeDiscover A More Beautiful You

You are beautiful!  You are you and you have your own style.  We are here to help you find more of what you like and even find some new tips, trick, and product recommendations to reinforce that beauty.  We want you to feel good about going out, staying in, or anything in between.

I know you have heard that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder.  I believe that when you truly begin to see the beautiful woman you are, you can have a more happy and fulfilled life.

An Introduction To Makeup


Make-up is one of the most versatile tools on planet earth!  It can transform you from blam to glam in just a few short minutes.  There are numerous colors, textures, brushes, swabs and numerous other products.  My job on this blog is to help you sort through the expensive, overpriced products and the boring cheap knockoff so you will know what works the best when it comes to enhancing your beautiful face.

I will also be providing you with some insider tip, tricks, & techniques that I have only gained from my years of experience in the fashion industry.  However, following some basic rules will help to ensure you look your best all the time.

Nails, Nails, and More Nails

Woman filing her fingernails

We’ve all seen them, we all have them, but are you really caring for you nails properly?  Maybe, but I want to make sure you have the healthiest, strongest, most beautiful nails you can have.  Since I am a licensed cosmetologist, you can feel confident that I have the knowledge to guide you through the process of growing your nails.  I will also be recommending some amazing products that will have your nails looking like they are professionally done all the time.  And yes, you will be able to do all of this from home.

Fingernails care can be as easy as you want it to be, but you have to take daily steps such as: keeping your cuticles moisturized; eat a well-balanced diet; maintain good personal hygiene; and avoiding toxic, harsh chemicals.  These are just the very basic things you must do.  I personally do all of these and just love how my nails look.  I will also give you some time-saving tips that I have used for years that will amaze you.

Hair Care For Every Type of Hair


Did you know that the average woman will spend over $55,000 on hair care products along in her lifetime according to a new survey?  Did you also know that I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many bottles of different shampoos I have in my shower alone?  Well, I’m finally coming out about addictions to hair care products.  If you are like me, you spend countless hours cleaning, drying, coloring, cutting, styling, & loving your hair.  Well, I’m here to tell you it is ok.  It is ok to want to look fabulous when you go out of your house.  And I’m here to help you look fabulous by providing you will all of my secrets to having that just out of the salon look.

Let Us Help You Achieve Healthy, Glowing, & Radiant Skin


If you want skin that makes you look years younger and hides any slight imperfections, listen up.  I have worked with models and the Fashion Industry for over 20 years.  I’ve worked with all different skin types from oily to dry.  I’ve worked with people of every age, race and color and I’ve learned that those women who have the prettiest skin all do the same things.  They are very gentle to their skin and cleanse it daily.  They exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep.  Of course, these models have access to top of the line skin care products.

My goal with this blog is to help you find top of the line skin care products that won’t break your piggy bank.  (Yes, they are out there!)  I will also be letting you in on industry secrets that only the pros know when it comes to babying your skin and face.

Lifestyle Tips To Help You With Health, Fashion, Clothing & More


In my blog, I will help you find the cutest fashion accessories that are sure to make you feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks!  LOL!  I keep my finger on the pulse of the latest fashion designs and share them all here with you.  I will work hard to find you the best deals on that cute dress, heels, or handbag you’ve been wanting.

Since this is really a lifestyle blog I want you help keep you healthy.  I am constantly reading and researching the latest health trends and I will provide you with all of the updates.