4 Spring Fashion Trends for 2019

With temperatures on the rise, it is time to shed those bulky sweaters and boots and spring into the hottest fashion trends of the season. Although the spring fashion season debuted on runways all over the world last fall, now is the time to finally get to wear the latest styles. When looking to revamp your wardrobe, be sure to check out these four spring fashion trends for 2019:

Mellow Yellow

Along with a rainbow of soft pastel colors that are making waves this spring, yellow has been a standout shade. CR Fashionbook explains that from bold mustard hues to bright canary yellow, this shade is showing up everywhere. Yellow is the perfect color for spring, symbolizing a fresh start and signaling the beginning of warmer weather. Because of the myriad of shades, you can find the ideal yellow hue to match your skin tone. A baby doll yellow dress partnered with a pair of white leggings is an adorable look that screams spring.

Baby Doll Dresses

Baby doll dresses are back and are more charming than ever. The Zoe Report talks about how the flirty and feminine vibe of these dresses is the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe. If the temperatures are too chilly to go bare-legged, you might consider pairing the dresses with leggings. Baby doll dresses come in a variety of styles that will flatter any figure.

The Drawstring Dress

E & O Apparel suggests that one of the top fashion items this year is the drawstring dress with a mermaid hem. Combining two iconic fashion looks, this dress is flirty and fun while also still being comfortable. One of the best things about the drawstring dress is that you can wear it at work, to the park, or out to dinner while letting your day dictate the style. Go for sneakers and leggings when you want a casual look or pair it with mules and big jewelry when you need to get fancy.

Bright Leggings

Regardless of the season, leggings are the biggest fashion statement in years. These versatile pieces of clothing can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for your morning run or a night out on the town. The spring season is seeing leggings in bold and bright patterns. Floral leggings are also making a comeback this spring as fashionistas embrace the colors of the season.

The sky’s the limit this spring when it comes to expressing your fashion sense. Let your personality shine through and have fun with the new textures, colors, and styles.

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What Causes One’s Skin to Age?

There are many factors that affect the age and health of your skin. The sun, harsh weather conditions, nutrition, and many other factors can cause your skin to undergo changes. It is important to understand the specifics of how and why the skin ages. Once you understand the causes, you can take precautions to prevent premature skin aging.

Loss of Elasticity

The elasticity of the skin is defined as the ability of the skin to stretch without incurring damage. It is also the ability of the skin to return to its original shape. Oglf explains that the elasticity of the skin is greatly influenced by the presence of collagen, a fiber that provides the skin with strength and firmness.

The body produces less collagen with age. Beginning at the age of 20, the body produces approximately one percent less collagen each year than it did in the preceding year. This causes the skin to become thin and fragile.

The function of sweat and oil glands, as well as, the production of elastin also decrease with age.


Most people know the body is composed mostly of water. However, did you know your skin is 63 percent water?

When not enough water is consumed, the body becomes dehydrated. When dehydration occurs, the body will then begin to prioritize its use of the water available to it. The most vital organs in the body, like the brain, heart, and liver, will be the first ones to receive the available water. 100 Percent Pure explains that the skin’s connective tissue is one of the first areas of the body to be denied water when the water supply in the body is insufficient. Collagen that is dehydrated begins to crack, which causes the skin to wrinkle.

The skin can be restored after dehydration by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizer to the surface of the skin.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules resulting from oxidative stress in the body. These molecules act as scavengers in the body, searching for proteins, cells, and DNA to damage. The skin is under constant attack from free radicals.

ASEA explains that antioxidants and redox molecules are used by the body to slow down natural aging processes and to support the immune system in repairing the damage caused to cells by free radicals. In a young, healthy body, these elements are generated naturally, but aging and/or sickly bodies struggle to keep up.

There are many factors that contribute to the aging of the skin. However, by understanding the way in which skin ages, it becomes much easier to make use of the anti-aging techniques available to keep your skin young and healthy.

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3 Oils To Help Clear Your Skin

One of the latest trends in skincare is the use of essentials oils to clear up blemishes. The natural healing and cleansing properties of these oils work on the skin by unclogging pores are removing harmful impurities. Because of their natural ingredients, essential oils are a safe and gentle alternative to some of the other harsher chemical treatments widely available. Here are three oils to consider when looking to clear up acne breakouts:

Rosehip Oil

Extracted from the fruit of the rose, this oil is naturally comprised of a host of fatty acids that work to help clear the skin. Trilogy Talk explains, “Rosehip seed oil chock-full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omegas 3 & 6), fatty acids (omega 9) and beta-carotene (pro-Vitamin A), making it not only intensely nourishing but one of the best pure plant oils for helping repair and rejuvenate skin.” Rose hip oil also boasts a number of other ingredients that contribute to clear skin, including powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin A.

Geranium Oil

Be aware that geranium oil is different from rose oil. doTERRA explains, “geranium has been frequently used to promote clearer skin in the past. It also has the added benefits of calming your nerves and boosting your mood, making it a great addition to a morning skincare routine.” This wonder oil is extracted from the flowers, stems, and leaves of the geranium plant. The cleansing  properties of geranium oil work by soothing the skin and ridding the skin of excess oil and dirt. Many people dilute geranium oil with an additional carrier such as coconut oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Derived from the leaves of the tea tree, this oil has many benefits for a variety of skin conditions. Tea tree oil is used as either a spot treatment for existing blemishes or as a way to keep skin in top form. The cleansing elements of tea tree help to with blemishes, giving the skin a healthy glow. MommyPotamus explains, “every oil has a slightly different dilution. For example, sometimes a single drop is a good dilution, but other times you need more or less than that. Finding a dilution chart can help make sure you’re using the correct dilution.” Tea tree oil can be used on its own or can be found as an ingredient in many skincare products.

Essential oils can help you to clear up skin issues  while still feeling good about what you are putting on your face. There are also many other forms of natural exfoliation that are worth exploring in your journey towards smooth skin! With a little research and experimentation, you can find the right oil combination to leave your skin clear and glowing.

Need Glasses? How to Feel Beautiful in Your New Look

Fashion-savvy women understand the importance of embracing the look of eyeglasses. Although they may be a necessary tool for proper vision, eyeglasses can also add an exceptional amount of style and fun to any wardrobe. Here are three ways that eyeglasses can help you to feel more beautiful:

Advantages of Glasses

Glasses are more than just a tool you wear on your face. This source states, “your eyewear is as much a fashion accessory as anything else you wear.” Eyeglasses are an ideal way to show off your fashion sense and put a little fun in your wardrobe. Thick and dark frames convey an air of intelligence and sophistication while round and oversized frames add a touch of glamour to any style. Bright and colorful frames are perfect for those wearers who want to show off their playful side while rimless frames are the latest accessory for people wanting to appear stylish. Whatever frames you choose, you can do so with the confidence of knowing that the glasses will accentuate your overall appearance.

Choose a Pair That Flatters Your Face

Fortunately, there is a bevy of choices when it comes to selecting eyewear. It should not be challenging to find a pair that suits your exact personal needs and tastes. You can choose to go traditional with a classic pair of frames or you can decide to select a more unique pair to bring out your personality and sense of style. This source explains, “some of the most popular glasses choices right now are transparent frames, dusted, tortoiseshell, oversized, circle round, and more!” When making your selection, be sure to consider factors such as the shape of your face, the primary color palette of your wardrobe, and practical comfort issues.

Best Makeup Practices for Wearing Glasses

Because so much attention is naturally drawn to your glasses, you can actually get away with wearing less makeup. This makes your morning routine a breeze, freeing up valuable time in your day. This source instructs, “put very thin layers on your nose. The more build up, the easier they slip. Powder the areas where the glasses or nose touches, and they should be set!” Be sure to wear a tinted moisturizer on your face in order to neutralize the red spots that often form under the frame of the glasses. An eyelash curler can help to ensure that your eyelashes do not hit the lenses. When choosing eyeshadow, it is best to select neutral colors that do not make your eyes appear too heavy and overwhelming.

One of the more difficult parts of wearing glasses is that sometimes, especially around your nose and eyes there will be more oils from adjusting your glasses, or from where the glasses touch the skin. Exfoliating becomes a top priority to make sure your face doesn’t break out from the oil buildup with glasses. That shouldn’t stop you from getting glasses, especially if you need them, but it is something to be aware of.

Don’t hesitate to buy more than one pair of glasses so that you can enjoy the flexibility of having specs to suit any occasion. Have fun with this bonus fashion accessory and be sure to let your glasses speak for your personality!


Here Are the Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Ingredients to Look Out For

There are a lot of anti-aging skin care products on the market made with a variety of ingredients. It’s a good idea to learn about these ingredients so that you can choose the right components for achieving the results that you’re after. Here are three of the best anti-aging skin care ingredients to look out for.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient with antioxidant properties. Antioxidant means that it can help reduce UV damage to the skin, which is caused by the free radicals that form from sun exposure. Large amounts of vitamin E are required to prevent UV damage, so it is essential to keep your skin’s stores of this vitamin well-stocked. Canyon Ranch explains that, “Vitamin E fights the effects of UV light, smoke, and air pollution by neutralizing the free radicals. The process of protecting your skin depletes your stores of the vitamin quickly, though. So it’s essential to intake enough Vitamin E in a day.”

Vitamin E also assists the skin with holding on to water, meaning it will help to keep your skin moisturized and looking fresh. Look for topical skin products with vitamin E, like moisturizers or serums, to get the full benefit of this nutrient.


An ingredient in many skin care products, peptides are fragments of proteins that have been shown to have regenerative skin care benefits. Belli Skincare explains, “one type of peptide alone won’t do much, but when they’re combined dynamically, peptides can provide instant results by brightening and hydrating all areas of the face.”

Peptides can help regenerate collagen and elastin, which are two structural proteins that help maintain a youthful appearance. They can be found in topical applications, like moisturizers and serums. Collagen peptides can also be bought in a powdered form and added to smoothies and other foods, similarly to protein powders.


Retinol is a molecule that’s related to the fat-soluble vitamin A. Like peptides, retinol can help to regenerate collagen. Victoria Health explains, “retinol encourages cell regeneration and gives your skin a more youthful glow. It can even work to unclog pores, reducing acne and minimizing the look of pores on the skin.”

Retinol can be found in specialty serums and skin creams. An important consideration when using retinol is that a little goes a long way. Using too much retinol on the skin can cause irritation and redness. Purchasing skin care items that combine retinol with soothing ingredients can help to counteract this potential side effect.

Understanding the active ingredients in skin care products can help you to choose the best products to buy for the results that you are looking for. With the right ingredients, you can always put your best face forward.

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3 Natural Ingredients That Also Smell Amazing

With harmful ingredients in so many of today’s modern beauty products, it is imperative to find natural skin care products to keep your skin healthy for the years to come. Fortunately, in today’s increasingly health-conscious world, it is easier than ever to find products that are made without harsh synthetics. It is always a bonus to find natural products that smell amazing as well. Here are three natural ingredients that are not only safe for your skin, but also deliver a wonderfully luxurious fragrance.

Coconut Oil

Hailed as a wonder ingredient and used in a variety of products, coconut oil has a host of uses. From its use in cooking and baking to its use in a variety of beauty products, coconut oil is extremely versatile., Coconut oil has been proven to improve skin and other skin conditions, as well as to soothe your skin with its beneficial properties. Coconut oil also makes a great moisturizer and can even be used to help cracked heels and dry lips. Although it has a distinctive scent, it is not overpowering enough that it will bother people.


The antioxidant properties of myrrh make it an ideal ingredient in a variety of beauty products. According to doTERRA, myrrh is particularly soothing to the skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections . The earthy and woody scent is reminiscent of the beauty of the great outdoors, bringing an immediate calming effect to those who use it. Myrrh’s fragrance has been described as both black licorice and balsamic.


This heady floral scent is very popular for good reason. Smell like a new spring day with the soothing scent from this delicate flower. The height of the lilac blooming season is fleeting, lasting only a few weeks each year. Fortunately, this addicting scent can be bottled so that you can enjoy it all year long in a variety of skin-care products. Lilac-scented products are in huge demand thanks to the booming popularity of lilac essential oils. It smells clean and fresh, making it a perfect fragrance to use in beauty products. Lilac-scented products can help soothe the skin, provided that they are free of other irritants and dyes.

With a little research and some trial and error to see what works for your individual skin type, you can find natural beauty products that are not only effective, but also smell wonderful. Get recommendations for our favorite face serums here!

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You Can Have Your Hot Tub — and Great Skin, Too

Soaking in a hot tub can be relaxing. However, it can damage and dry out your skin. You do not have to give up the hot tub because there are several ways that you can enjoy your hot tub without damaging your skin.

Stick to the Recommended Limit

You want to avoid soaking in a hot tub for long periods of time. You should take a break every 20 minutes. You will also need to drink water when you get out of the hot tub.

Avoid Alcohol

You do not want to drink alcohol before you get into a hot tub. Alcohol is a diuretic, which can cause your skin to lose moisture. Additionally, alcohol can make it harder for you to stay hydrated, even if you drink water. The water will go to your bladder instead of your organs.

Clean Your Hot Tub Regularly

Regular hot tub cleanings will help protect your skin. You will need to clean your hot tub when the water gets cloudy. A dirty filter is another sign that your hot tub needs to be cleaned. You will also need to use a spa water conditioner to prevent odors and help the water maintain the appropriate pH.

Use an Alternative to Chlorine

Chlorine helps sanitize your hot tub, but it can irritate your skin. Consider using an alternative. Ionizers are good examples of alternatives to chlorine that work by releasing silver ions and copper into the water. They are effective for killing algae and bacteria.

Take a Shower After You Get Out of the Hot Tub

The chemicals in the hot tub water can remove the natural oils from your skin, which can lead to dryness. That is why it is important to take a shower when you get out of the hot tub. It is best to shower in lukewarm water. You will also need to moisturize your skin afterward with a high-quality lotion.

Pat Your Skin Dry

You will need to pat your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing it. When you rub your skin, you remove the protective oils, which can lead to dryness and irritation.


Before your skin is completely dry, apply lotion all over your body to prevent dryness from setting in. If your skin tends to get especially dry, look for a lotion that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. This is especially important for your face and neck, since the skin on this part of your body is especially sensitive. Use a moisturizer specifically formulated for the face here. If you tend to break out in rashes or acne after hot tubbing, look for a moisturizer that contains redox.

You can keep your skin healthy even if you soak in a hot tub frequently. Use an alternative to chlorine and clean your hot tub regularly. Also, avoid drinking alcohol before you get in the hot tub and stick to the recommended limit. Additionally, you will need to take a shower after getting out of the tub and pat your skin dry.

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