Best Pro Makeup Cases For Beginners 2018

Deciding on which of the best pro makeup train cases for beginners to buy can be very confusing and can leave you feeling drained just looking at all of the reviews on the internet.  I mean, there are large and small cases, cases with lights, cases with mirrors, cases with wheels, cases with lots of compartments, and cases with just a few.  WHEW!  That was exhausting just to type!

Luckily, I’ve had the privilege of having first-hand experience with multiple different train cases for makeup.  I’ve also studied the top 25 cases out there for sale and have narrowed down my top 5 for you here.  Here are my honest reviews and thoughts on each one.  I don’t like saving the best for last, so let’s start with my #1 recommendation.  AW 2 in 1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Oxford Fabric Train Bag With Drawers.

This makeup train case is made with very sturdy material and heavy duty plastic clasps.  With plenty of room for even three sets of flannel sheets in the bottom according to one reviewer.

Top 5 Makeup Train Cases For 2018

  1. AW 2-in-1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Oxford Fabric Train Bag With Drawers.
  2. Yaheetech 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Aluminum Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case.
  3. Rownyeon Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case 16.4
  4. Songmics Rolling Trolley Train Case with 1 Drawer Professional Lockable Makeup Organizer.
  5. Meifer 4-in-1 Rolling Train Case Lift Handle.

(#1) AW 2-in-1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Oxford Fabric Train Bag With Drawers

AW International sells this amazingly durable makeup train case.  The fabric is made out of 1680D nylon fabric.  This is both water-resistant and wear-resistant.  This case is very compact when not in use and has plenty of storage when assembled.

The 4 wheels swivel easily in any direction when traveling through an airport or across town and are removable for storage.  It has a heavy duty handle that will hold up for years and extends just like a suitcase.

I am very impressed with how the designers of this case utilize all of the space for optimal storage.  I also like that they have included 2 brush holders beneath the lids.  These are detachable and hold 13 brushes!

In the top case they have include two extendable trays and a large hollow space.  This space is very large at 14 inches long, 10 ½ inches wide & 5 ¼ inches high.  Large enough that you can pack lunch of two foot-long sandwiches, two bags of chips, and two cookies from Subway.

Most users like the detachable padded shoulder strap for when they only want to carry a piece of this case.  I do like that the bottom 8 drawers completely come out and I can use pouches if I needed.  I feel like the pouches would hold more nail polish or palettes when needed.  Even with all of your beauty products placed in this bag, it still looks neat and organized.

(#2) Yaheetech 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Aluminum Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case

yaheetech makeup train caseThe Yaheetech 2-wheel  3-in-1 Professional Train Case comes in 3 colors: Black, Pink, & Silver.  I’ll let you guess my favorite color of these.  (hint:  This color is all over my blog).  I made this my number 2 pick because it is a hard case.

I really had a hard time deciding whether I liked the hard case or soft case, as above.  Ultimately, for me, I wanted more portability and just felt like the soft case would be more comfortable to carry while traveling.  However, this is a perfect case for the value if you prefer a hard case.

The Yaheetech is made from Aluminum Alloy & PVC on the outside.  The inside is lined with velvet.  This is great for protecting brushes, nail polishes, lipstick & eyeliner pencils.

This case holds up to 66 pounds of anything you want to put in it.  The case stands 39 inches high, so you would have to check this with luggage if traveling by plane.

The case has very sturdy latches on it.  Four of the latches are lockable and come with the keys.  One reviewer on Amazon said she got a total of 10 keys with her order.  So, be sure to keep some in a safe at home.  If you are like me, you will eventually lose a key and will be frantically searching Google for “how to pick a lock” if you don’t have multiple keys.

This case is very organized with a removable middle; 4 retractable slide-out trays with 8 adjustable dividers.  Overall, this is perfect for a beginner or professional.  Cosmetologists nail techs, hairdressers, and cosmeticians would get lots of use out of this case.

(#3) Rownyeon Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case 16.4

Ok ladies, I’m a fan of the bigger train cases because I have so much professional and personal gear that I use, but I just HAD to make this case my number 3 overall pick.  I love these bags so much because of lots of features that you just don’t find with other cases.

The most notable is that this bag has a sewn in sleeve on the back of the bag that allows it to slip over my luggage handle to make this the perfect travel vanity case.  Don’t you hate when you are traveling with your big cloth makeup bag and trying to balance that on top of your wheeled luggage?  Well, this sleeve takes care of all of that!  Now you can easily roll right through the airport all nice and tidy without your makeup bag falling every 5 seconds.

This bag comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors.  Choose from small, medium, or large.  Then, choose your favorite color of Black, PU Blue, or PU Pink.  I promise I won’t know if you don’t pick pink.

The Rownyeon makeup train case has a plastic hard cover and oxford fabric which makes this bag waterproof.  It comes with 10 adjustable dividers that make it shake proof.  It has pockets built into the lid that holds plenty of brushes.  And it also has a zipper sandwich that holds any and everything inside.  Nothing ever falls out of this bag when opened of zipped!

Multiple customers have commented on how they love this product and this company.  The company has unparalleled customer service and will work with you quickly to resolve any issues you may have when purchasing this bag.  There is a small smell from the glue that they use on the partitions.  However, this is non-toxic and will be gone within a couple of days after purchase.

(#4) Songmics Rolling Trolley Train Case with 1 Drawer Professional Lockable Makeup Organizer

I made the Songmics Rolling Trolley Train Case number 4 on my list because of the very sturdy design of this case.  This case will hold up to 110 pounds!  Now, I don’t know how you are going to get 110 pounds of makeup and accessories in here, but just know that the sturdy frame will support it.

Made with a superior aluminum frame, reinforced steel corners, ABS surface, and MDF inner frame, you will feel the difference immediately in this makeup train case.

You can also feel secure about knowing those high quality beauty products will not be stolen or damaged with 2 lockable clasps on the top and a buckle that prevents the drawer from sliding out.  The four sliding trays are assembled with slide rails that easily allow you to access all of your items inside.

The four 360-degree wheels allow you to easily maneuver this case over any surface.  When you are done rolling the case, just take the wheels off and it will become very stable.  This case is shorter than the others on my list at only 22 1/8th inches high.  So, it takes up less space if you don’t have much of a working area.  The telescoping handle seems to be better quality than most other models at this price.

You can feel comfortable purchasing this product as it was highly recommended by customers who have bought it.

(#5)  Meifer 4-in-1 Rolling Train Case Lift Handle

Last but definitely not least on this list is this Meifer 4-in-1 Rolling Train Case.  Remember, that I have researched, tested and reviewed 25 makeup train cases and this one rounds out my top 5.  This case also has a very strong design.  It is made with heavy duty aluminum, ABS surface, and reinforced corners.

It does have the 360-degree casters that make it easy to move around.  The wheels are also removable.  You can choose from my favorite color of pink or black.

What makes this piece unique is that it has 4 separate compartments.  So, it has plenty of space for all of your various cosmetics, shampoos, curling irons, and skin care products.  Really, you could call this a vanity suitcase with all of the space it has in there.

I did score this one a little lower than the others because only one of the middle sections had dividers.  That is not a major problem for me though since I can just use that part to place bigger items in there.  Or, you could easily find some replacement dividers to fill that one middle section with.

I do prefer at least one sliding drawer on my makeup train cases and this one doesn’t have one.  But, I do like the idea of being able to use all the sections separately.  I also liked that this case comes with extra keys.  It comes with 8 keys in total.

This case is very spacious and will hold any and everything you need it to hold.  If you are a professional, you will like this makeup train case because it just looks professional.  These also make great gift ideas for teens!

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