3 Natural Ingredients That Also Smell Amazing

With harmful ingredients in so many of today’s modern beauty products, it is imperative to find natural skin care products to keep your skin healthy for the years to come. Fortunately, in today’s increasingly health-conscious world, it is easier than ever to find products that are made without harsh synthetics. It is always a bonus to find natural products that smell amazing as well. Here are three natural ingredients that are not only safe for your skin, but also deliver a wonderfully luxurious fragrance.

Coconut Oil

Hailed as a wonder ingredient and used in a variety of products, coconut oil has a host of uses. From its use in cooking and baking to its use in a variety of beauty products, coconut oil is extremely versatile., Coconut oil has been proven to improve skin and other skin conditions, as well as to soothe your skin with its beneficial properties. Coconut oil also makes a great moisturizer and can even be used to help cracked heels and dry lips. Although it has a distinctive scent, it is not overpowering enough that it will bother people.


The antioxidant properties of myrrh make it an ideal ingredient in a variety of beauty products. According to doTERRA, myrrh is particularly soothing to the skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections . The earthy and woody scent is reminiscent of the beauty of the great outdoors, bringing an immediate calming effect to those who use it. Myrrh’s fragrance has been described as both black licorice and balsamic.


This heady floral scent is very popular for good reason. Smell like a new spring day with the soothing scent from this delicate flower. The height of the lilac blooming season is fleeting, lasting only a few weeks each year. Fortunately, this addicting scent can be bottled so that you can enjoy it all year long in a variety of skin-care products. Lilac-scented products are in huge demand thanks to the booming popularity of lilac essential oils. It smells clean and fresh, making it a perfect fragrance to use in beauty products. Lilac-scented products can help soothe the skin, provided that they are free of other irritants and dyes.

With a little research and some trial and error to see what works for your individual skin type, you can find natural beauty products that are not only effective, but also smell wonderful. Get recommendations for our favorite face serums here!

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